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Managing your mental health in ministry

Ministry is a privilege, an honour to be called by God to such a task.  But let's face it, we also bring ourselves to the task. In each of us there are great giftings and abilities, passions and strengths that fit our calling to love, care, shepherd and teach the people in our congregations.  We come with our past and any unresolved issues and difficulties as well.  That's the honest truth. We ALL have a shadow side -- you know that part of us God is still refining or we are keeping him from exposing -- even though it eventually gets exposed anyway.

Ministry also comes with its struggles, some extremely intense and difficult moments, even trauma.  It can be hard on a pastor and their family.  Unmanaged stress can lead to burnout, depression, anxiety and other mental and health disorders.

Agora Network Ministries is here to help and support.  You can't do it alone, nor should you.  Let us come along side you in your journey to wholeness and healing.  

Allen Kleine Deters

Pastor Care Coordinator

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Our ever growing blog for pastors and church leadership regarding emotional, mental and spiritual health

We're posting video casts as well.


We are happy to help you assess the needs of your church to be able support your pastor as well as address the issues of mental health stigma. From there we assist you  in developing an overall plan for your congregation.


Personal coaching is available for pastors and group coaching for leadership teams who are addressing mental health stigma and concerns within your church.


Once we know what you need, and you know what you need, we will work out a plan to train your leadership and church community. Not only can we train you, but we also work in partnership with other organizations who may offer the training you need, so you get the best depending on your needs.


As always, Agora Network Ministries has a growing pool of helpful resources for training, education, and support regarding the issues of mental health stigma in the church.

Hope and Healing for the Pastor

AGORA is committed to supporting pastors, their families, and churches through consultation, coaching, training and resources for healthier supportive systems within the church.

We follow a three "rope" model.

A rope of three strands is not easily broken



of the needs or health of the pastor and church support.


in regard to what is necessary for assessed support.


implementation of support thereby having an agreed upon strategy.

The Power of Support

Acts 9:25

Paul’s followers, followers of Jesus, cared for his very life by holding the ropes that led him to safety.  In this same manner, the church supports its pastoral staff by holding the ropes.  In some cases, the church may also need to make a strong basket to support the weightiness of the pastor’s needs, in particular regarding their mental health.  It is not unrealistic for the church to hold the pastor to standards for emotional and spiritual health.


If you are a pastor/clergy or a church leader who feels your pastor may be in crisis and need help, please contact us.  In the case of a severe crisis contact a mental health or medical professional immediately.

Pastor, if you are in crisis, or need someone to talk to, please call!

Call 289 687-0169

AGORA Network Ministries encourages individuals to seek mental health and medical professional care for any ongoing personal challenges.

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AGORA Network Ministries encourages individuals to seek mental health and medical professional care for any ongoing personal challenges.

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