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The AGORA Network is a ministry that was born out of a mental health and spiritual crisis experienced by Allan, the founder. After suffering a severe stroke in 2017, Allan battled with mental health issues including PTSD, severe anxiety, and depression. This led to his admission into a mental health unit for 10 days, where he began to recover mentally and spiritually. With the help of God's goodness and the ongoing restoration of his soul, Allan and his wife Bonnie were inspired to start AGORA Network Ministries. The purpose of this ministry is to address the mental health crisis and stigma in both society and churches, by coming alongside the church and  providing support and resources. Through their own personal journey, the founders of AGORA Network hope to bring healing and hope to others who are struggling with mental health issues.   

Allan & Bonnie Gallant



AGORA Network Ministries mission is to bring hope and healing to anyone struggling with mental health issues. We do this by providing education, training and resources.  


Our Vision is to change the narrative on the stigma of mental health and talk openly about issues.

We have partnered with industry professionals and have developed quality resources that are available to individuals, churches, ministry leaders and our surrounding communities.


"Thank you for sharing your story with our church and bringing awareness not just to

Mental Health but to Hope and Healing."

"I want to commend to you AGORA Network Ministries, and Directors Allan and Bonnie Gallant. Many of you know Allan as one of our Fellowship pastors working in the Hamilton-Niagara region of Ontario. On July 7, 2017, Allan’s life changed forever when he suffered a stroke, affecting his ability to speak and to preach. While Allan was in the hospital recovering from the stroke and his own struggle with depression, God ignited in him a passion to do something about the stigma and brokenness surrounding mental health."

   Bob Fleming, Feb Cental Regional Director

"I know Allan's message of God's help and provision, though often not in ways we want or expect while we have our heads lost in the whirl of life, will greatly strengthen many suffering with despair, mental health and physical struggles. Don't miss out on having Allan speak to your people!"Jake Chitouras Pastor of Colby Community Church, Nova Scotia

"Bonnie and Allan, As I counted my blessings for 2023, high on my list was connecting with you both in October. I am so thankful that I got to hear Bonnie be so transparent about the struggles of life and how God sustained you both through a dark period of life. I am so thankful Allan for your advice and encouragement to seek counselling and the extra mile you went to help me find someone who could help me. 

Today is the first day in ages of time, it seems, that I feel healthy, happy and in the right place. I was sitting in church this morning, enjoying the worship songs and feeling safe and the thought crossed my mind "I feel good today -- rested, at peace and happy to be here" -- this was a WOW moment for me because I can see healing happening." 

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