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Team Bios

Allan Gallant - Executive Director 

Allan has been in the pastorate for 33 years, serving in many capacities. He is married to his teenage sweetheart for over 40 years.Together they have five adult children and now eight grandchildren. Allan and Bonnie live in the Niagara Region in Ontario and love being so close to many cities and vineland country. They love their local church and feel so privileged to be a part of the kingdom building community. After suffering a stroke in 2017, and a severe mental health breakdown, he and Bonnie, after Allan started to recover, founded and began to lead Agora Network Ministries. As founders they are amazed and humbled by what God is doing in the lives of people and church congregation. Allan with his wife Bonnie have the privilege to speak and share Agora with many pastors and ministry leaders across Canada and the United States.

Sue Montgomery - Chair 

Sue is the Chair of Agora and has lead Prayer Counseling Ministries at West Highland Church in Hamilton and is a graduate of Warner University in Christian education. She has continued more recently with courses of interest at Redeemer University.  She is an instructor with the Women’s Ministries Institute (FEB Central), an avid reader and enjoys most sports.  Sue is passionate about seeing people find Jesus as Savior and to know true freedom in Christ, through encountering truth in God’s word and through practical experiences in prayer.  She has been married to Scott for 32 years and they have two adult children.

Barry Doan - Treasurer

Barry is a Chartered Professional Accountant, is the Chartered Director of McMaster University and the University of Waterloo. He is the Chief Financial Officer of the First Ontario Credit Union Ltd and the Board of Director Chair of Audit and Risk Committee for the Central 1 Trust Company. He has served as Treasurer and Board Member of West Highland Church in Hamilton.  Barry has been married 33 years to Kim and they have three adult children.

Lorraine Skuse - Operational Administrator

Lorraine retired in 2019 and has been supporting Agora Network Ministries in a part-time capacity shortly after that.  She worked as a manager in the fast-food industry for many years.  As a second career, she worked at Mohawk College, supporting students in several different capacities. In churches, she had leadership roles with the preteens, adult ministries, and church boards.  She has two children, two grandchildren, and two grand puppies. Lorraine, “I believe wholeheartedly about the importance of Agora and the changes it could make and feel blessed that I get to be part of this dynamic and growing ministry.”

Bart Campbell - Church Support & ACSL Co-ordinator

First and foremost, Bart is a child of God, a follower of Jesus, a husband of 40 years, a father of four, and a grandfather of six. Bart started pastoring over 25 years ago at Hamilton North Christian Centre, a very diverse congregation composed predominantly of souls on the fringe, struggling with poverty, addictions, mental health and in need of love and acceptance. He has worked at Christian Horizon’s supporting aggressive men with developmental challenges, Good Shepherd Barrett Centre for Crisis Support and St.Joseph’s COAST Program for people at risk of Suicide, Self Harm and Addiction. He is presently the Pastor (2017) of Potter’s Clay Ministries, a small but very vibrant, spirit-led church. He is trained in ASIST- (Suicide Prevention), and Mental Health First Aid. He is presently working at St Joseph’s Hospital COAST program assessing risk for those in a crisis who may be considering suicide or self-harm as a solution to their situation. Bart is the Agora Christian Support Line and Church Support Coordinator at Agora Network Ministries. Bart facilitates groups/presentations on Self-esteem, Suicide Awareness, Making the church Mental Health Friendly, Leadership Self Care, Ways to Engage, Boundaries and building awareness regarding Mental Health. Bart provides practical insight, equipping the church to support individuals and families experiencing challenges regarding mental health.

Greg Climenhaga - Mental Health Small Group Trainer

Greg Climenhaga is married to Julie, and has two adult sons. He lives in the Niagara region and faithfully attends his local church, where he is very active in providing mental health care and resources to the church family. He holds a Master of Social Work degree and is registered with the College of Social Workers. He retired from Niagara Health where he provided individual counselling and conducted mental health groups within the hospital system for over 20 years. Greg is providing a critical role with Agora, as he trains and facilitates leaders in developing mental health small groups for local churches. Along with this role, he plays an important role as a member of the Church Development Team, and teaching other mental health seminars.

Allen Kleine Deters - Website Manager

Allen Kleine Deters is the pastor of Congregational Life at Northend Church in St. Catharines.
Having gone through his own journey with mental health crisis, he particularly cares about pastors and their mental wellness. Allen is married and between him and Karen they have six children and 5 grandchildren. Besides being a musician who loves the blues, he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.  Allen enjoys the great outdoors and touring together with his wife.  Allen has been instrumental in creating and managing Agora's website.

Jennifer Birch - Marketing & Communications

Jennifer Birch has a passion for making connections with people, organizing and strategizing. She has utilized her career experience as a Realtor to engage people in helping to volunteer their time and resources in charitable opportunities such as The Purse Project, Socks for the Homeless, Men’s Street Ministry in Hamilton and The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation. She has been married to Kevin for 28 years and they have 3 grown children. Jennifer enjoys being outside snowmobiling in winter and in the summer she enjoys golfing, tennis & pickleball. Jennifer works with Agora’s communication and marketing strategy to create our social media posts that share mental health resources.  She works alongside the Executive Director and Web Manager to make sure we have the right information presented to our viewers.

Laura is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She has her B.A in Psychology and M.A in Mental Health Counselling. She has been working in the mental health field for over ten years and spent the majority of her career as a mental health crisis worker for COAST (Crisis Outreach And Support Team). Laura is passionate about educating individuals to help decrease the stigma associated with mental health. She uses the knowledge gained as a front-line crisis worker to enhance the training she provides in the community. She is a Mental Health First Aid trainer and is also a member of the Niagara Suicide Prevention Collation. Currently, Laura has her own private practice and is a college professor. Laura is the facilitator of our Building Resilience Course that is offered multiple times a year. 

Maddy works with kids, teenagers, and young adults. Clients she works with often struggle with anxiety, feelings of depression, overwhelming thoughts and feelings and a lack of motivation to do the things they once enjoyed. She also works with people who have experienced one or more highly frightening or upsetting events that someone might label as trauma. Maddy works towards achieving your wellness goals and restoring a sense of hope! She believes therapy should be tailored to what you want with flexibility to structure sessions that work best for you! In therapy, the priority is creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can better understood about what’s been going on.

Catherine is a trauma informed International Coaching Federation Professional Life Coach who is a certified Mental Health Coach and Master Coach. She is currently completing specialists in Crisis Response and Trauma Care, Grief and Loss as well as in Chemical and Behavioural Addiction and Recovery.  She is a Master Facilitator with the Trauma Healing Institute and also trained in Rapha/ Sozo and in Healing Care/Formational Prayer Ministry. Catherine has her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in child and youth studies and served as a teacher with the school board as well as a children's pastor for several decades. Catherine’s greatest joy is in creating spaces to equip and empower people to process and find freedom from the mental, spiritual, emotional and relational effects of pain and trauma. Catherine serves on the board of Agora and her heart is aligned with the mission of helping the church become a safe place for the wounded to break free from lies, shame, guilt, pain and fear to find victory, freedom and purpose. She is the Trauma Healing Ministry Lead for Agora and facilitates the Agora Academy Trauma Healing Course where healing groups are provided that incorporate best mental health practices with a biblical pathway and tools for those processing heart wounds. She also provides training, equipping and certification for leaders who demonstrate necessary skills to help traumatized people and who are wishing to begin Trauma Healing Ministry in their church or organization.

Angel White - Grant Writer & Fundraiser

Angel White comes highly skilled to Agora Network Ministries with over 25 years of experience in writing, office administration and marketing. With a profound love for the Lord and a deep compassion for individuals facing mental health challenges, Angel brings a unique perspective and commitment to her work. Having personally experienced a mental health crisis in the past, Angel understands the immense impact these struggles can have on individuals and their loved ones. This firsthand experience serves as a driving force behind her unwavering dedication and passion for making a difference in the lives of those who are also grappling with mental health issues. Furthermore, Angel's personal connection to mental health extends beyond her own experiences. She has witnessed the challenges faced by family members with mental health concerns, which further fuels her determination to create positive change within this sphere. Angel's experiences and profound empathy shape her approach to grant writing, demonstrating her ability to empathize with those in need, identify impactful solutions, and effectively communicate a compelling case for support. With her skills, dedication, and compassionate heart, Angel is an invaluable asset to our ministry in creating real change in the realm of mental health.

Eric Holt - Co-Op Intern

I am a student attending the University of Waterloo in the Honours Psychology program with a minor in Sociology. I was born in Hamilton where I lived for 5 years and attended a local Church with my family. My family and I then moved just outside a smalltown called Waterford in which we attended churches until my father felt God call him to become a pastor himself. This is around the time I had personally decided to accept God into my heart, I did this at Circle Square Ranch at the age of 6 and then I was later baptized at the age of 12 while attending Rema Community Church. After my father felt this call, we landed at the church we now call home, Grace Baptist Church. Last year I felt God calling to me to devote myself more to him and further myself in faith, I started this process by volunteering at Grace’s youth program in which I acted as a youth leader. I am passionate about many things in life including volleyball, and seeing friends and family, but the biggest thing I am passionate about is psychology and mental health care. I have become so passionate about mental health after seeing many of my own family members and loved ones suffer due to mental health struggles and I have been looking to help them and many others by educating myself ever since. I love what Agora has been doing by helping thousands of people across Ontario with their struggles of mental health and would love to be a part of the amazing group of men and women who help those by doing God’s work.

Dr. Evan Rohrs-Dogde

Evan Rohrs-Dodge is an ordained elder in the Greater New Jersey Conference of The United Methodist Church. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maine, a Master of Divinity from Drew Theological School, and a Doctor of Ministry from United Theological Seminary. He is the senior pastor of Belvidere United Methodist Church in Belvidere, NJ, where he lives with his wife Amanda, also a United Methodist pastor, and his three children, Amelia, Auden, and Beatrice. Evan also serves on the editorial board of Firebrand magazine ( He enjoys reading, being outdoors, and exploring live recordings of the Grateful Dead. He is currently working on a book on a Wesleyan approach to inner healing, utilizing John Wesley’s via salutis, or Way of Salvation, and Wesley’s treatment of the imago Dei, as a paradigm for constructing such a ministry.

Bonnie Gallant - Board Secretary

Bonnie was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Raised in a godly home where she came to faith at a young age. She is a mother of 5 and a proud "Nannie" to 8 grandchildren. Bonnie had worked in the funeral profession for 18 years. She and her husband Allan have been married for 40 years. Together they are the founders of Agora Network Ministries. She is a co-author to the book "The Beautiful Stokes of God”. She and her husband live in Thorold Ontario. Bonnie enjoys being a wedding Hair stylist, has a passion for baking and an obsession to travel but what brings her the most joy is time with her family.

Shannon Pharoah - RN BRE

Shannon’s career as a nurse led her to work in Mental Health for almost 25 years.  She has worked in a variety of settings over the years, which gave her a greater understanding of how to cultivate a community that provides a quality of care that integrates all aspects of an individuals’ health, including their spiritual health.  Mental illness has an impact not only on the individual, but also their families, who find themselves in a caregiver role.   Our changing culture of health care relies on caregivers to play a significant role in providing care to their loved one, and Shannon’s desire is to enhance the care that families provide while they function as part of the health care team.  Currently, Shannon works as a Program Manager for a Pregnancy and Parenting Support Program, where she navigates the care and support for moms who require assistance with their parenting, while also managing mental health struggles.  Given the intensity of the work, Shannon is very familiar with burnout, and the steps that are needed to protect against it.   Shannon and her husband have been married for 35 years.  They have 4 adult children, and 1 foster child who they have welcomed into their family for the last 6 years.   

Board of Directors

Sue Montgomery - Chair
Barry Doan - Treasurer
Bonnie Gallant - Secretary
Allan Gallant - Executive director
Rebecca Park
Gord Baptist
Darren Patterson
Greg Alderton
Laura Bruno
Dan Weare
Catherine Gillard

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