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After more than two decades and over 2000 presentations, my interactions with parents reveal that although most want to learn and parent their best, they feel ill-equipped. Kids don’t come with manuals. The goal of this audiobook is to equip and empower you as a parent, grandparent, or youth leader to help kids navigate all aspects of life in the current culture.


How do we sift through the unending philosophies on parenting, and be intentional in how we choose what’s best for our family? The number of voices is overwhelming. This audiobook distills the essential elements of parenting so you can apply them in your own home. It approaches parenting from a Christian perspective, and is filled with practical advice that is applicable to everyone.

As we explore the foundations of parenting, we will look at:

1. Parenting: What are the stages of parenting? What is the current state of parenting? What is the purpose of parenting?
2. Parenting styles: What are they, and which ones should I be using? What might I need to alter about my current parenting style?
3. Progression of parenting: What are the skills our children need to learn?
4. Time: What does quality time and being present with my kids look like?
5. Communication: How can I gain better communication skills so that I can more effectively connect with my kids?
6. Discipline: How do I effectively discipline my children?
7. Family discipleship: Why is our worldview important, and how we can raise kids with a Christian worldview?
8. Mental health: How do we address issues like anxiety, panic attacks, and depression?
9. Engaging the culture: How do we empower our kids to engage the culture around us without compromising their faith?
10. Media: How can we help our kids navigate technology?
11. Sexuality: How do we direct our kids towards healthy sexuality?
12. Pornography: What is the prevalence of pornography, and how do we address its impact on our kids?
13. Dating: How do we best avoid pitfalls in dating?
14. Finances and education: How can we help our children make sound financial and education choices?
15. Drugs and alcohol: What tools are available to assist in drug-proofing our kids?
16. Loneliness: How do we prevent disconnection in our kids and help them to create community?

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