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Stress – excerpt from booklet “Managing and Identifying your Stress”

Stress has reached epidemic proportions in North America. Billions are spent annually for medical care for stress-related illnesses. More billions are used for pharmaceuticals to control emotional distress and anxiety. Additional billions go to professional counsellors for help to address the stressors in life. COVID-19 increased the tensions in relationships, distress, and bewilderment. 

I think the anger of political combatants in our culture also increases our stress. Anger appears to be present everywhere in a culture of criticism and strife between interest groups. The ever present, in your face, reporting of violence is unhealthy and disturbing. 

To cope, we must understand the dynamics of stress, how it impacts us daily, and elicits our response. We must identify and rally our resources – the resources inherent in our relationships, the contribution of spiritual resources, and the potential in physical stamina that will provide resilience and endurance. 

The topics presented here are introductory but are elaborated in the several books I have written. In the past six decades, I have had opportunity to journey with many, learn from their experience of stress, and their learning to cope and thrive despite great pressure. Those who have given me the privilege of navigating with them through the hard times of hurt toward healing have taught me much. They are my heroes. There is hope. We must understand the broad impact of stress, its origins and beginning evidence, and the multiplicity of resources we can bring to bear in control and moderation of its impact in our lives.

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Glenn C. Taylor

Pastoral Counsellor/Consultant

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