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The Beautiful Strokes of God

The Beautiful Strokes of God


What makes The Beautiful Strokes of God so helpful and unique is that it’s written by a pastor who knows and believes that Bible. He personally experienced the hopelessness and despair that came after a disabling illness. He knows what it’s like to battle through all the misunderstandings that Christians have about mental illness. He felt the emotional pain of having his faith severely challenged by his illness and the tormenting thoughts that raged in his mind. Through his diligent pursuit of the truth, God showed him the path to victory which he will share with you in the pages of this life changing book.


Allan Gallant’s heartbeat is to change the conversation about mental illness in the church. His goal is to give Christians a Biblically based explanation of mental illness and how to successfully recover mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Then churches can become a place of healing, hope and recovery rather than condemnation, shame, and denial.


If you have struggled with mental illness, or have a loved one who is struggling, this book will bring hope and shine a light on the darkness of despair. It should also be required reading for anyone in a helping profession who wants to understand what it feels like to go through this trial of faith and then recovery


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