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Hope for the Hopeless

Hope for the Hopeless


Lyn Stafford shares her personal story of living with major depression and anxiety disorder. This debilitating condition caused her to be bedridden at times and even hospitalized. Though medications aided in her recovery, there were other things she discovered which brought lasting healing to her body, soul, and spirit.There is hope for the hopeless! You don’t have to accept depression and anxiety as a normal part of life but can find freedom from it. Lyn very candidly shares her story of healing. As well as encouraging those who struggle to get the help they need, she speaks hope to those who feel hopeless, as she once did.In this book you will also discover:

• the different types of depression - why some need medication and some do not

• how we can help people who struggle with mental health issues

• how trauma is a major root cause for developing a mental illness

• ways to prevent depression and anxiety

• how depression affects every part of "our being - spirit, soul, and body"  

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