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AGORA Network understands that there are many facets of mental health and that it affects all aspects of life and professions.  That is why we have designed a number of seminars to educate different categories of people and groups to the specific struggles that they are facing.

Below are listed a number of topics that are used to educate and inform the listener.  These seminars are an hour in length and leave room for dialogue.


Break The Silence:

Mental Health and the Church

Faith Development Programs

Mental Health:

What's the Soul have to do with it?

There's a silence in the church, historically it's been there for a while.  The silence is due to the stigma about mental health in the church, or mental health and the believer.  

Many believers are afraid and don't feel safe in the church world to share how they are really doing.  So when someone says, "How are you doing", they usually say "good" but inside they are crying out for help.

Its time that the church breaks the silence and talks about mental health openly but also provides means for people to feel safe and to recover.  

This seminar tackles this subject and it's here where we win the battle of breaking the silence or remaining quiet.

There are many reasons why people suffer from mental health disorders.  They can be spiritual, emotional and physical reasons.  We usually approach either the spiritual or the physical, but what about the emotional.  The emotional is where many struggles; its the struggle with the inner life, the center of our being or what we would call the soul.  The soul, the real you is what's preventing many from finding hope and healing.  This seminar deals with why our souls, if not healthy will cause much emotional distress and prevent spiritual and sometimes physical recovery.

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Holding the Ropes:

Who is supporting the Pastor, Spouse, and Family?


Care for the Caregiver

Do you know that 65% of Pastors in North America are burnt out or clinically depressed?  More than ever before, they are experiencing this and are leaving the ministry.  Some who are struggling with great depression and burnout, who stay silent about their state are taking their own lives.  This is a tragedy!
But what about the Pastor's spouse and their family?  Yes, they too are struggling.  How does a Pastor's family cope with the pressures of ministry life and being under the gun to perform consistently?  Do Pastors and their families need support and care?  Who cares for them?  Where do they turn for help?  
This seminar talks opening about holding the ropes for the Pastor and his family in our churches.

Who cares for the caregiver?  Do they need care?  The answer is, yes, they need care.  They can be, and in most cases, the forgotten person in a crisis. 
This seminar focuses on the caregiver and their needs to stay healthy through a most difficult situation.  Who do they turn to?  Is there help for them?  Are they at risk for burn out or mental exhaustion?
Care for the Caregiver answers those questions and more.

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How to help those struggling with Mental Health disorders

Pastors and leaders in the church are confronting how to deal with mental health disorders with their congregation.  Some don't have a plan or know where to turn for help or where to refer their church family.  

This seminar is designed to help the local church know what resources are available and how to gently and with compassion come along those who are afraid and feel hopeless.  Also, it will help you start putting a plan in place, to consider a mental health strategy for our ministry that will assist the leaders in journeying with their church family.


AGORA Network Ministries encourages individuals to seek mental health and medical professional care for any ongoing personal challenges.

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