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The Beautiful Strokes of God

Meet Allan and Bonnie Gallant

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Read their story.  

The book is now here!

Allan and Bonnie were born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  They were married in 1983, and have 5 Children and now proud grandparents of 6. They have been in pastoral ministry since 1986, serving in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and the State of Maine.They now reside in Thorold, ON in the Niagara region, since 2010. 


On July 7th, 2017 in a split second their life changed when Allan suffered a severe stroke, but God protected his body, the only paralysis he suffered was his speech.  After a month of recovery and learning to speak again, he began the hardest battle of my life, a  battle with mental health; PTSD, severe anxiety, and depression.  Thinking this was his new normal he didn't want to live, so he was admitted into a mental health unit for 10 days where he began to recover mentally and spiritually.  The road was long and hard at times but God's goodness led to repentance and the ongoing restoration of his and Bonnie's soul.


From this crisis, AGORA Network Ministries was born and a new journey began in ministry for us.  A ministry that desires to come alongside the church; the pastor, the Christian leader and the congregation to the mental health crisis and stigma we face in our societies and churches

"How Suffering Restored My Soul"

Listen to the story of how God used a stroke and mental illness to restore my soul and birthed the ministry of AGORA Network Ministries.

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100 Huntley Street Interview

Allan Gallant suffered a stroke in July of 2017. It was so severe, the doctor said it was a miracle he survived. He should have been paralyzed on his right side, but God spared his life and body. Allan did suffer paralysis; his voice and speech were gone completely. He was in shock. God restored his voice, but different from what it was. He has what is called "aphasia", a degenerative communication disorder. The very thing that gave him purpose from preaching and singing, changed.

After recovering from the stroke and going through speech therapy, he noticed he was struggling deeply with panic and anxiety issues. He ended up in the mental health hospital for 10 days, and at one point wanted to end his life. Through his recovery God gave him and his wife a burden for people who suffer with mental health disorders. The burden shaped into developing a ministry to focus on the stigma of mental health. Recently Allan has been accepted as a Chaplain with The Fellowship and has launched their ministry called AGORA Network Ministries which seeks to equip, educate and engage the local church to the mental health stigma inside and outside its walls. 

Interview with Mike Sherbino

Allan and Bonnie speak with Dr. Mike Sherbino, pastor of Northend Church in St. Catherines, ON.

It is good to hear both sides of the story and the struggles the couple faced together and the revelations that God revealed to them.

A powerful message for the church and especially pastors who may be struggling.

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