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Engage the local church

A big part of our vision for the church is to help engage it to the mental health conversation and stigma inside and outside its walls.  We do this in various ways; one, by sharing the story of AGORA Network Ministries and our personal story of crisis, secondly by recommending other like minded ministries as resources and by directing the local church to a mental health solution ministry.  Take a look!

Speaking, Trips and Events

Follow AGORA Network Ministries as we travel, speak and share events in certain areas.  Plan on attending and participate in a venue of your choice.

Next Steps - Mental Health Solution

One of our goals and values as a ministry is to make sure that the individual has the opportunity to engage and connect to a mental health strategy ministry in their local church setting.  This ministry, Mental Health Grace Alliance is one way that can be accomplished.  AGORA Network Ministries recommends highly this ministry strategy and hopes that you will enter into this partnership and provide hope and healing to those struggling in silence with a mental health disorder.

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