AGORA Network Ministries encourages individuals to seek mental health and medical professional care for any ongoing personal challenges.

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Educate The Local Church

It one thing to talk about mental health and the stigma inside the walls of the church but talk can be cheap if we don't back it up with action.  The book of James says we should be doers of the Word not just listeners.  AGORA Network wants to talk about it first and then put feet to the conversation.  Educating is the first step in our ministry process for the Pastor and church.

Each segment below educates us about the mental health conversation and stigma.  Check each out and learn about the challenges and the hope and healing that can come.

The Beautiful Strokes of God Story

The struggle is real

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Books Recommended to purchase

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The Other Side of the Struggle

Danielle Foisy

In The Other Side of the Struggle , Danielle tells her heart-rending story and how during the darkest and hardest times while living with a husband who struggles with mental illness, she found there were not a lot of resources for the person who is supporting someone who is struggling. The goal of this book is to change that and start the conversation.As a spouse of someone struggling, Danielle realized that there are many obstacles, emotions, and struggles that come with mental illness and this book explores what that looks like and how to endure the tough times that come with being that support system.


Emotionally Free!

Dr. Grant Mullins

Would you like to be happy and relaxed, with a quiet mind, great relationships and a close walk with God? Would you like to be at peace mentally, spiritually and emotionally? Do you want to feel good about yourself… all the time?
The key is to Change how you think.
Romans 12:2 says that you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Sure, that sounds great but how do you do it? Where do you start? Is it even possible? You’ve probably tried other methods which failed and left you feeling defeated and discouraged.
This book will introduce you to the Change how you think, three step pathway to physical, spiritual and emotional transformation. By following this guide, your new behaviors will just emerge naturally because you are feeling so much better. Using these three steps, I’ve helped hundreds of people discover a new life they never thought was possible.
Dr. Neil T. Anderson, author of The Bondage Breaker, wrote the Foreword.
I know, you may have tried self help books before with no improvement. This book is different.
It doesn’t tell you that you can do it all yourself. Do it yourself books just make you feel guilty, defeated and ashamed when you don’t get the promised results. With Emotionally Free you will learn how to assess your thoughts, personality and spirit. It solves the mystery of human behavior. Every chapter explains what to look for and why you think, feel and behave that way.
In the first section, you will learn what mood disorders are and how they are diagnosed and treated medically. You will also learn how conditions like depression, anxiety and mood swings affect Christians in a unique way. You will be able to assess your own moods and determine if you need medical treatment.
In the second section you will learn how spiritual attack can affect your emotions. You will understand where your spiritual authority comes from and how to use it to set yourself and others free.
In the final section, you will be able to do an inventory of your emotional baggage and see how past experiences affect your present relationships. Kathy has written a chapter describing our own personal healing journey and how God restored our marriage.
The most powerful message of the book is that no matter how intense your struggle is now, God is waiting and willing to set you free.
Don’t stay stuck in your old ways of thinking any longer. Order the book and begin to Change how you think, to the way God originally planned for you.

How to Have a Beautiful Mind

David Stokes

“Change your mind; change your life.”
The greatest commandment about absolute love for God includes the admonition to love Him with our mind. There’s an intellectual quality to authentic love for God.
How Americans process information has changed over the past several decades. If you were to go back even 75 years and interview the man on the street about a particular issue, more often than not, the person would preface an opinion by saying, “Here’s what I think.”
These days, more often than not, the person will express an opinion beginning with, “Well, here’s what I feel.” We’re much more visceral in our approach to life.
But God wants us to focus on thinking more than feeling, because feelings flow from thoughts.
That’s why we need to develop BEAUTIFUL MINDS.