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Resource Ministries


“We prepare the Church to support mental wellness in community.”

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries is a Christian non-profit that prepares the Church to support mental wellness.


We believe that the Church plays a central role in promoting mental wellness and mental health recovery. We provide training, tools, and resources to equip the Church to be a sanctuary for all people, at all stages of their mental wellness journeys


Dr. Grant Mullin - Change How You Think


Having been a mental health physician for over 25 years (now retired and no longer licensed with the College of Physicians), I understand your struggles. Let’s be honest, we are all struggling with something. We don’t teach you new techniques that will only frustrate you with failure. We clear out the root issues that are holding you back from the life of joy you’ve always wanted. Just follow the Change How You Think, three step pathway that will set you free mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Your new behaviors will emerge naturally because of the inner joy you have discovered. Using these three steps, I’ve helped hundreds of people discover a new life they never thought was possible.

Shalem Mental Health Network


Shalem offers two ways of accompaniment
Individual, couple and family counselling
This includes specialized therapy for children and youth who struggle with attachment disorders and their caregivers. We deeply honour and respect all those who embark on a journey of healing.
Equipping and supporting communities
This includes faith communities, to better embrace the needs of people who struggle with emotional distress and/or mental illness.

Mental Health Grace Alliance



Training is available and we will walk you through the free online videos and material from Grace Alliance.


Thrive Ministries

Thrive Ministries provides safe places for church leaders and their families to be open and honest about the challenges they face in life and ministry.  Some of the realities of ministry leadership today includes pastors, pastors’ spouses and families who are grieving. Ministry leaders experience a variety of  losses:  thriving church ministries that have been damaged by disunity, ministry visions that have not been realized, personal lives that have been negatively impacted, emotional, spiritual and physical health that has been compromised, trust that has been broken within their Christian leadership circles…. and the list goes on.

Some limp along, isolated from others, relying on God for his healing and comfort in their lives. All too many others walk away from the call of God, too wounded or disillusioned to continue in ministry. Far too few receive the support and resources they need to totally recover from their experiences and re-enter the race with less baggage and stronger from working through and being transformed by their challenges.

Through different settings our volunteers provide church leaders with resources and support when they need it most. We focus on spiritual, relational, physical and emotional health through specialized groups and services and one on one conversations. Thrive’s volunteers have ministry leadership experience and understand what ministry can be like. So  please contact us today to arrange for an initial confidential conversation.

Niagara Life Centre

Low-fee counselling services that offers Help, Hope and Healing to all; because no one should have to go it alone.

Niagara Life Centre is a vibrant, visible, Christian organization caring for families and individuals by offering hope, help and healing. We provide practical and compassionate care through consultation, guidance and support for the emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of those we serve. Our programs and services are board directed.

Grimsby Life Centre

Grimsby Life Centre Ministries is a Christian counselling centre providing aid for individuals experiencing life crises, including marriage and family breakdown, depression, grief, anger, co-dependency, unplanned pregnancy, parenting and post-abortion trauma. Individual programs are offered.

Grimsby Life Centre Ministries provides education and assistance in an effort to establish coping skills for those in need. The Centre does not discriminate in any way, and all services are free and confidential.

Abma Counselling Services
Abma Counselling.jpg

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, sadness or would like to improve your relationship satisfaction, we are here to help. 


We are a Niagara based group of qualified therapists providing effective in-person, phone and online counselling to adults, youth and couples. Our counselling office is centrally located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, with quick access to the QEW.

In a relaxed, professional and confidential environment, our therapists provide practical and effective treatment using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence-based counselling that can help you experience fulfilling relationships and increased emotional health and well-being. 

Call us or text us at (905) 321-0550 to learn more about our counselling services or book your appointment online here: 

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