The AGORA Network story

The AGORA Network story begins with a crisis, a mental health and spiritual crisis that I suffered (Allan) in my life.

On July 7th, 2017 in a split second my life changed when I suffered a severe stroke, but God protected my body, the only paralysis I suffered was in my speech.  After a month of recovery and learning to speak again, I began the hardest battle of my life, a  battle with mental health; PTSD, severe anxiety, and depression.  I thought if this my new normal than I didn't want to live, so I was admitted into a mental health unit for 10 days where I began to recover mentally and spiritually.  The road was long and hard at times but God's goodness led to repentance and the ongoing restoration of my soul.

From this crisis, AGORA Network Ministries was birthed and a new journey began in ministry for my wife (Bonnie) and me.  A ministry that desires to come alongside the church; the pastor, the Christian leader and the congregation to the mental health crisis and stigma we face in our societies and churches.



"Again, thank you for sharing your story with our church and bringing awareness not just to Mental Health but to Hope and Healing."


"I want to commend to you AGORA Network Ministries, and Directors Allan and Bonnie Gallant. Many of you know Allan as one of our Fellowship pastors working in the Hamilton-Niagara region of Ontario. On July 7, 2017, Allan’s life changed forever when he suffered a stroke, affecting his ability to speak and to preach. While Allan was in the hospital recovering from the stroke and his own struggle with depression, God ignited in him a passion to do something about the stigma and brokenness surrounding mental health."


                                                 Bob Fleming, Febcental Regional Director

" [AGORA Network Ministries process] ... that sounds like a well thought through program of practical and faith life equipping"

"I know Allan's message of God's help and provision, though often not in ways we want or expect while we have our heads lost in the whirl of life, will greatly strengthen many suffering with despair, mental health and physical struggles. Don't miss out on having Allan speak to your people!"

Jake Chitouras
Pastor of Colby Community Church, Nova Scotia

Mission and Vision

Our Mission -AGORA Network Ministries brings hope and healing to the church addressing the stigma and issues surrounding mental health by educating, equipping, engaging with resources and networking ministries.

Our Vision - To be a leading Canadian Christian network providing quality, practical and sustainable mental health resources and ministries with a holistic approach balancing clinical and biblical ministry to the church community.


AGORA Network Ministries encourages individuals to seek mental health and medical professional care for any ongoing personal challenges.

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